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    More than 15 years of experience

    What have over 15 years of experience taught us that will give you the advantage to find an apartment fast, in the best neighborhood and for the lowest price?
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    Get the best apartment list for your needs.

    You will be in awe when you see the list of properties that match your requirements! Get the best apartment list for your needs.
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    Let Us Help You!

    We have helped more than 800 people in the last 12 months and many thousands of people since we opened our doors. Let us help you, too!
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    We have them all!

    Apartments, townhomes, lofts, high-rises, from luxury to low cost. We have them all!

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    We are experts on the entire DFW area.

    We are experts on the entire DFW area. Put our knowledge to work for you. It’s the lease we can do!

Get Free Inside Information on all the Best Apartments Dallas Has to Offer!

A New, Fun and Revolutionary Way to Find the Cream-of-the-Crop Apartment Complexes in Dallas.
With over 3000 apartment properties available in the Dallas area, how do you know which one is the best for you? Don't take a chance! Call in the experts! The best apartments may not be the ones you were thinking of. In fact, they may be ones that you have never heard of. We have the inside information on every single apartment community in the Metroplex. We know which ones have the best reputations, offer the best specials, and have the amenities or features that you need!

Find out where all the Top Dallas Apartments are hiding! Only a handful of properties can truly be considered Luxury Apartments in Dallas. Would you like to know where they all are?

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We are J. Ellis Apartment Locators - A Free Apartment Locating Company who has been assisting thousands of renters over the last 20+ years to find the perfect apartment. We are standing by ready to send you a FREE custom list of all the Dallas apartments that are the best match for you. Our list will include all the apartment information that you need - pictures, floorplans, maps, prices, features, and recommendations. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you. It's The Lease We Can Do! Top Apartments in Dallas are only a click away!!

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Where In Dallas Should You Move To?

Top Dallas Apartments are those with the best reputation, the best features and amenities, the highest quality of service and construction, and those that most closely match what renters are wanting! At J. Ellis Apartment Locators, we know where all those Top Apartments in Dallas are hiding. They don't have to be the most expensive properties....just the ones that most perfectly match what YOU are wanting! Don't waste your time searching. We will lead you straight to them!


Let Us Do The Work For You. It's Free!

Whether you're a Dallas native or relocating from outside the DFW area, we are always available to answer questions about any property for rent, including information on specials and availability. Let us do the work for you. It's FREE!

Discover The Specials!

How would you like to know where all the specials are in the area you want to move to? Our databases are updated regularly, so you will have the best to choose from. Does your gut tell you that you are missing the specials? You are probably right! Most of the time they are not advertised. But we know where they are!

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