Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas



Many Dallas Apartment Communities:

paw Do Not Allow Pets of Any Kind

paw Only Allow Cats

paw Only Allow a 2 Pet Limit

paw Have Weight Restrictions

paw Ban a Growing List of Dog Breeds

paw Do Not Allow What They Call “Exotic” Pets (such as ferrets, lizards, snakes, bunnies, etc)

paw Have Few or No Pet Amenities

As an animal lover myself, I especially get a sense of satisfaction from helping renters find pet friendly apartments in Dallas. Over the years I have assisted many, many pet owners. Some of them were just looking for a property that would welcome their pets. Others wanted certain pet amenities, and still others had unique situations with their pets. In all cases I know WHICH properties can work with your situation.


Let Me Assist You in Finding an Apartment That Matches What You Need, Rather Than Changing Your Situation to Match What an Apartment Wants!

The most pet friendly apartments in Dallas not only ALLOW pets, but they do so with reasonable deposits and without major restrictions on weight limits that rule out a large percentage of dogs. They also might offer pet amenities, such as dog walks, trails, pet waste pick-up stations, or even fenced in enclosed off-leash dog parks. They might be located next to a greenbelt or park area, even if the property itself does not have an on-site area of this type. Some have on-site manual car washing facilities and will allow you to use the equipment to wash your dog. A few apartments in Dallas are even so pet friendly that they will waive all pet deposits and fees if you present evidence that your pet was adopted/rescued.

The above-and-beyond pet friendly Dallas apartments do NOT restrict dog breeds, they allow more than the normal 2 pet limit, and do not have weight restrictions at all. These properties will be spread out all throughout the DFW area and it would be impossible to find all of them on your own. Let me send you a custom list today!



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